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Original and Excluse Acapellas - not to be found elsewhere on the web. Monthly Subscription starting from £5 - (8.50USD, 6.07EUR) US and UK vocals

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Judge Jules

“A unique service offering acapellas of all styles from commercial to more underground with one common denominator – quality”

Acapellas Downloads

Roger Sanchez

“Acepella Heaven gives me a great tools both for studio production & Djing! I can use the vocals in my DJ mix & create a new song live & then go into the studio & use the inspiration from the gig for an entirely new production... Brilliant!!


Lost Witness

“I have discovered songwriters and singers I never knew existed before now. Why have one vocal when you can have hundreds. I released 'The Best' With Massimo Santucci on Armada through Acapella Heaven.”

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Dimitry Almazov

“Worked with Acapella Heaven on 'Beautiful Friend'. 100% satisfied with quality of vocals and I'm sure we'll work together in the future. Thanks to Acapella Heaven!!”


Granite & Punk

“Whenever we need to find high quality vocals at the drop of a hat, we turn to Acapella Heaven. They have whatever style you're after
Thanks Ah!”

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Lenny Fontana

“This is defintely a great producers tool to knock out some hit records with Lenny Fontana”

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Ron Fiolet

“Acapella Heaven made a huge difference for me as owner of Hero Music cause I couldn't find the right singers in the Netherlands for my international trance acts. So I licensed some great vocals for my projects AurA and Javah which resulted instantly in good license deals worldwide”

Studio Vocal


“Having worked with Acapella Heaven before (Soulseekerz- Party for the Weekend - Postiva) the new concept of Heaven sounds amazing. Hope to have many more releases with them. Highly recommended for any bona fide producer - Julian (Ruffloaderz - Remixer of Beyonce, Jay Sean)”

Studio Vocals

Mike Shiver

“As a full time producer and DJ, Acapella Heaven has been a solid part in my studio for years now. The team behind it including brilliant writers and vocalists always deliver good material that has inspired my writing and most likely my future work as well!”

Vocal Acapellas

“In my opinion, the Acapella Heaven series is THE solution for the huge problem to find the right singer with the right lurics for your songs, and dealing with them. It eliminates the often difficult search for a great singer who is also capable of writing great lyrics.”


Jezper Sorderlund

“Acapella Heaven covers a lot of genres and you will always find something you like. Each disc that arrives boosts my inspiration to make something fresh.

All the vocals are top notch quality wise.”

Vocals Acapellas


“Acapella Heaven provided acapella vocals for the No silence album featuring Marrakech, Here with me & Xstasy”

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Acapella Volume Fifty

6 tracks

Track Name Volume Members BPM Vocal
Does It matterVolume FiftyGoldfemale
Acapella ReuqestSoundbox
I Know How LongVolume FiftyGoldfemale
Request AcapellaSoundbox
Mad About YouVolume FiftyGoldfemale
Request AcapellaSoundbox
My EverythingVolume FiftyGoldfemale
Request AcapellaSoundbox
Over A NightVolume FiftyGoldfemale
Acapella ReuqestSoundbox
Someday I'll Love youVolume FiftyGold
Request AcapellaSoundbox

Acapella Soundbox Your Soundboxes

What is a SoundBox and why do I need it?

When shuffling through hundreds of acapellas and vocals it can be hard to remember what you liked. By creating new SoundBoxes you can save multiple watermarked acapellas and vocals into specific folders to manage your searches and projects.

From within the SoundBox, you can mark tracks as 'like' or 'maybe', to help you further narrow down your search for the right acapella vocal.

You can also download SoundBoxes, so you don't always have to be online to listen to your chosen acapellas. When you want to request an acapella vocal for production, simply click onto the request acapella vocal icon, which can be found on the track listing.

About Acapella Heaven Rap Acapella Downloads

Acapella Heaven is an unique website supplying studio Rap acapella and vocals to producers alike across the globe from established songwriters.

Our Rap acapella and vocals will not be found any where else on the internet and using our Rap acapella and vocals you'll know that no other producer will be using the same Rap acapella and vocal. Our Rap acapella and vocals are exclusive to Acapella Heaven. There may be other websites which offer free Rap acapella and vocals but someone could be producing the same acapella and vocals and the song is not exclusive for you. We deliver exclusivity to our producers, knowing that no other producer may have access to the same Rap acapella and vocal.

By joining Acapella Heaven, you will have access to exclusive Rap acapella and vocals from £5 per month, please refer to our membership page for more information. Please be aware, by downloading a Rap acapella and vocal does not grant you the right to commercially exploit a track. The songwriter still retains 100% copyright of Rap acapella and vocals and if the copyright owner is happy with your production, the track can follow onto contract stages. Please be aware that our songwriters are established artists in their own right and expect high quality productions from you. You may be collaborating with award winning songwriters who have written in the past for Kylie Minogue and Sophie Ellis Bexter to name a couple, it just can't get much better than this.

Your publishing share? It's a simple publishing split, 50% for the topline and 50% for the production. Acapella Heaven's fee for the introduction is 5% of the publishing from both parties. For the songwriter, it's platform to audition your material to all our members! For a producer, you have access to exclusive top line studio Rap acapella and vocals for a small monthly fee.

Get creative today and start producing wicked tunes!

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Rap Acapella Vocals ready to download


If you're looking for original and exclusive Rap acapella vocals for your next production, you've just found the right place. With over 50 songwriters now signed up with Acapella Heaven you can be collaborating with songwriters who have written for Janet Jackson, Brandy, Kylie Minogue just to name a few. Check out our latest Rap acapella volume 34 pack with 10 massive male and female acapella vocals.